Innovation and Change

Does your business encourage innovation?  Does the workforce and management team understand what innovation is?  How does an organisation live and breathe innovation in its workforce?

The current business market today requires organisations to keep its competitive advantage to avoid being left behind.  Long gone are the days where reputation alone kept you at the forefront of the market. Consumers and customers have high expectations from their supply chain.  To enable you to stay ahead of the game, innovation within your management team and workforce will help you do that.

Your people have the best ideas and by harnessing that creativity and empowering your workforce to find solutions without fearing failure is a culture many businesses are yet to fully get right.


Our Innovation team can start you on your journey and offer a choice of programmes from short, punchy 1 or 2 days standard or bespoke workshops to 12-18 month partnered programmes with work-based projects. 

Access to funding is available on some of our innovation programmes subject to eligibility.