Level 2 ITQ

Accredited Programme

Level 2 ITQ

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who uses IT as part of their job role at any level can do this programme
  • Tailored to the knowledge and experience level of each person

What will be covered?

Units covered are planned with the skills and job roles of the employee, to develop their IT skills and improve productivity, effectiveness and ensure your business has the ability to participate in the digital economy. Some example units include:

  • Improving productivity using ICT
  • Understand the potential of IT
  • Develop own and team effectiveness
  • Security for IT users
  • IT user fundamentals
  • Using email and the internet
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Database software
  • Presentation software


What can ITQ do for your business?

  • Assess the IT skills of employees
  • Develops their IT skills
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness
  • Maximize the full potential of employees
  • Exploit IT for innovation, service and competitiveness
  • Meet business goals
  • Ensure employees have the rights skills to use technology
  • Be tailored to different work requirements
  • Employees can put their newly learnt skills into practice in the workplace
  • In house training
  • Nationally recognised accredited qualification
  • 92% of job roles require IT user skills 
  • Over 77% of the UK workforce use IT in their jobs but 1 in 10 businesses say there are gaps in the IT skills they need – ITQ will help to fill these gaps


Our experienced Trainers in our national learning team will fully support the individual to maximise the results of the training and embed the new skills into every day work giving your sales force a real boost forward.

Access to funding subject to eligibility.

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