A good call - Beth Dolan

Beth decided early on that working at Mecca Bingo wouldn’t be the long term job for her so started looking around for an apprenticeship, having recognised the value that on-the-job learning and earning would have for her career aspirations.

She joined KF Training in February 2016 as an HR apprentice, a role that demands confidentiality and organisational skills at all levels and proved her worth time and time again. Her attention to detail and determination to get things right first time and be the best that she can be shine through in everything she does. Since joining, Beth has thrown herself into all areas of the business, from supporting HR and finance to working in compliance and invigilation, she has shown herself as someone who can turn her hand to everything and is a great team player. Beth has recently completed her Business Administration L2 Qualification and is about to embark on the next step in her journey with KF by starting her Business Administration L3 qualification which, after achieving, will lead on to her starting her AAT, which we wholeheartedly support.

We asked Beth what she thinks about working here and this is what she said: ‘The people are lovely, dead approachable, really friendly. When you want to progress everyone is behind you and that’s nice!’ It’s a far cry from her Bingo Hall past, but we believe we have hit the full house with Beth!

Posted on Mar 01, 2017

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