Derby Royal Hospital

Overview & Background

Summary of the client and the background of the programme?

The client is Derby Royal Hospital one of the largest hospital Trusts in the East Midlands. There has been a recognition in several Trusts that there is a culture of promotion to leadership roles based on length of service, technical or clinical qualification. This has meant that numerous Team Leaders although highly qualified or experienced in their roles have had little or no Leadership training or support.

Solution and Objectives

What did the client want to achieve from the programme and who was involved?

The contact at Derby Royal is Jane Webster-Sanches, Vocational Training Practitioner, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Derby Hospital, Learning & Education dept.

KFT met with Jane to discuss what objectives were to be achieved and plan a solution. It was agreed that a blended programme of workshops and one to one site visits would be appropriate, firstly to gain the necessary evidence but also to allow Andy to follow up theory with live coaching and mentoring on the site visits. The objective being to give the delegates the necessary skills and confidence to better lead their teams. A group of 6 Team Leaders was put forward from various disciplines, clinical, administrative and domestic departments. All learners had expressed interest through hearing about the programme from internal mail shots.


What problems occurred and how did you get over them?

As the programme was planned and scheduled in conjunction with Jane Webster-Sanches who liaised directly with the learner’s line management, there were no problems apart from the normal issues that can arise, such as illness etc. Rooms were booked for all dates scheduled from the beginning of the programme and dates for site visits booked from the start of programme so that Line Management were aware. Regular meetings with both Jane and Line Managers kept the programme on track.


Improvements, outcome, successes?

Excellent feedback from Jane and delegates on how confidence in leading teams has increased, further Team Leader and L3 Management programmes currently recruiting

Testimonial Quotes

I think that this course has brought into focus many ways to organise the workload and my team much more efficiently. Hence the Diabetes and Endocrinology Admin Team have been nominated for a Pride of Derby award.

Wendy White 23/08/16

I feel the course has gone well and examples and knowledge shared from the sessions has been in the back of my mind when dealing with day to day issues. All in all I'm pleased with the course, enjoyed the sessions and sharing experiences with the other group members. Within the Pharmacy department I am the only staff member with a "supervisor" role so to meet people with a similar situation to me has been refreshing.

David Shore, Pharmacy Logistics Supervisor

I enjoyed the sessions we did when we spoke about different types of Managers/Leaders characters, and how being a good leader and balancing everything involving your business or organisation is the best way for a business to thrive and become profitable. Understanding you need to have a good business mind for that side of things but it’s the people who are working for the business/organisation that are working to make the business thrive. It was interesting to discuss ideas on how to achieve more productivity from your workers.

Patricia Stoddart, Modern Housekeeper

Posted on Mar 01, 2017

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