Bradbury Group, Scunthorpe

Overview & Background

Summary of the client and the background of the programme?

Bradbury Group, Scunthorpe – manufacture steel doors and grills. Undergoing business transformation ahead of factory move within 2 years. Main aim is to become more efficient to achieve new company vision, ‘World Class Manufacturer of Steel Doors’. Have grown significantly over recent years and the additional pressure has been felt by the workforce impacting on employee engagement. Undertaking 3 x groups of BIT Level 2 (named as Work Improvement Teams internally), 3 x groups (30 learners) of Team Leading Level 2 and 1 group (8 learners) of Management Level 5.

Solution and Objectives

What did the client want to achieve from the programme and who was involved?

Culture shift towards efficiency and productivity improvements. Overall company sponsor is Tim Strawson, MD with an internal project lead Patsy Payling, Sales Manager. Attempting to influence culture shift through improved lean techniques, improved leadership & motivation skills and greater leadership team collaboration. Included in the Team Leading groups are some potential leaders of the future along with existing team leaders. The Level 5 group includes senior managers from marketing, engineering, quality and production.


What problems occurred and how did you get over them?

Initial challenge has been around creating a compelling vision; the first two workshops with the Level 5 group focussed very much on achieving this aim – firstly introducing best practice, then carrying out a workshop including the MD to put some meat on the bones – defining ‘world class’. This workshop finalised the new vision and began the action plan for communicating the vision effectively to the workforce. The team leading groups had fed back that they couldn’t imagine what world class looked like, so this was a major breakthrough. Another challenge has been that the MD wants to implement a series of productivity target driven wage increases across the business to uplift basic hourly pay by up to 25% over the course of 4 years. This has been communicated to the staff already via a series of facilitated work groups and has been met with a degree of scepticism, particularly in relation to the achievability of the productivity targets.


Improvements, outcome, successes?

I used the results of the team leading workshops on Motivation theory to help define the softer, more intangible definition of world class. We have also carried out an organisational culture review to help identify what strategic steps the leadership team need to take to get them away from being such a market driven culture towards a more hierarchy culture; one driven by processes and procedures. We have also linked the BIT programmes with the Team Leading programmes by seamlessly introducing the concepts of Flow Process analysis, value added, non-value added and waste activities from BIT into the team leading programme by inviting members of the WIT teams into the sessions with the team leaders to explain what they had been doing. This had a marked impact on some of the scepticism as they were able to demonstrate that only 30% of the current activity in the process they had analysed was value adding; this had the effect of making the productivity targets seem much more achievable and motivated and energised some of these groups into looking for their own improvements.

Testimonial Quotes

Patsy Payling, Sales Manager

Morning Paul,

First of all thank you for your help with this yesterday, it was an eye opener for the team and I know this is going to make a difference to us.

I have been talking to the production director about it and how I think we should be taking what the team are doing and using some of it for the changes we need to make, and he agrees. Do you have the charts/observations that the team made with the action plans so I can show him what they have done and he can support them with the changes we can make based on their flow maps.

Thank you

Tim Strawson, Managing Director:

I would just like to add I was delighted with the results and the massive enthusiasm that the group showed yesterday. It was brilliant to see it.

Thank you for your help

Posted on Mar 01, 2017

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