Bradbury UK

Bradbury UK

2016 saw Bradbury re-evaluate our goals as a company. With our ultimate vision of becoming ‘world class’ in mind, we commissioned KF Training to help us go some of the way to achieving this; by starting a Workforce Improvement Team (WIT) Programme and Level 2 Leadership & Management training for all staff that wanted to be involved.

KF Training consulted with us, and tailored the training to our vision and the changes we needed to make to achieve this. The take-up on this was huge, and we currently have a more than a quarter of our workforce involved in the training, from WIT groups to Level 5 Management training. This has been managed very well, and both Greg and Paul have been very helpful in coordinating it.

The feedback has been very positive, both from all our staff involved, and those who have seen the changes these schemes have started to make within the company. We are currently looking for more staff to enrol in a second programme, so that the training will continue to run, and the business can continue to benefit from the changes an upskilled workforce provides.

Patsy Payling, Operations Director, Bradbury UK

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